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The Ice Cream Shop

The Ice Cream Shop is the most popular corner in town. Why, you might ask? Well, It's because it sells ice cream. Ice cream has always been my favorite dessert. So, I decided to make it into a LEGO set. This set features four minifigures, and you guessed it, ice cream. This set has been built out of real LEGO, so all parts you see are part of the actual LEGO inventory.

The Design
The interior of the shop consists of a table that sits two, and the ice cream parlor. There are four types of ice cream (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and cotton candy), each in its own container (you wouldn't want to mix all the flavors together). There is an ice cream machine on the back wall, along with toppings (bananas and cherries) and a holder for the ice cream cones. Also, if you don't want a cone, there are glass cups you can put your ice cream in as well. The exterior of the ice cream shop features a fancy spinning door, with some nice flowers along the outside of the windows. The roof is very colorful, and has a big sign in the shape of an ice cream cone. The roof also includes two tables and a bench for outdoor eating. In the corner, there is a nice and relaxing garden with a stone path around it. On the backside of the set, there are 2x1 pieces with holes in them so that you could connect the Ice Cream Shop to another LEGO set if you wanted to. If this build were to become an actual LEGO set, I would make a few small additions which include an ice cream scooper, some spoons, and some ice cream bowls, none of which I currently have in my LEGO collection.

Why This Set?
I think that this would be a very cool and fun LEGO set for many kids (since most kids like ice cream) and older individuals who just want to build a cool model of their favorite dessert shop. Furthermore, its building level is fairly easy, so it fits most age categories.

Please help make this a real LEGO set and hit the support button if you like it! Thanks!

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