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FedEx Delivery Truck

         Hi, I'm Elliott Clayton, a 15 year old from Michigan. This is a delivery truck I made. I thought it would be fun to build the vehicle that brings me Legos when I can order them! It uses 239 pieces and includes a delivery man. This would make a great set since it would be on the cheaper side, and some of the latest Lego Ideas sets have been hundreds of dollars. The back is full of shelves and packages, and has a back door that pushes up and folds in (picture 2). I used BrickLink PartDesigner for the minifigure and FedEx stickers. I think this would be good as a Lego set because there aren't a whole lot of delivery trucks by Lego, and certainly not one to complete minifig scale.
       The top of the truck pops off like a modular building's roof would, and for full access to the back interior, the sliding back door can be taken out (picture 3). I definitely wouldn't care if Lego took off the FedEx branding or something, that was just something I wanted to try out with PartDesigner. Even without the FedEx stickers, or even a different color scheme, I think this model of truck would be a great addition to Lego's collection.This is my first product idea so let me know what you think!

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