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NFL All-Stars: Patrick Mahomes

The legendary Patrick Mahomes is here. Except, somethings wrong, I can't quite put my finger on it...Oh yeah, he's in Brickheadz's form. 

Now why I built it: This is a simple and small build yet it packs a punch. I love the NFL and LEGO and I noticed that they had not made a collab yet. I decided to create a Lego set that, if it hit 10K, would hopefully become the NFL and LEGO collab so many of us have been waiting for. For this build, I went with Brickheadz as they are easy to make but look astounding when done right. I hope for all you die-hard Mahomes fans this looks like him. I tried my best to recreate all aspects about him, from his red jersey to his bandana he wears, and even his throwing arm out ready to throw the ball. 

I believe that this could start a whole new sports chapter with LEGO, if this were to go through I would be ecstatic, but what would really make me happy is the possibility of more collabs. Maybe stadiums, maybe football helmets I don't know but the future seems exciting. I feel that this set would make a great $10 Brickheadz set alongside some other NFL All-stars. 

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Ps. Soon

Swamy D.

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