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Model Illusions

This is my collection of LEGO optical and perspective illusion models, meant for display and the adult 18+ line. I thought a set based around illusions would be quite interesting, as LEGO has never done one before and they are such a big part of LEGO Mocs that I thought it was finally time. I am also fascinated by illusions and I think they are really interesting, especially the ones I can't understand!

The set would be comprised of three seperate illusions, as I believe that individually it would not be as interesting of a set, due to small size and low piece counts. The first is a line illusion, with two different lines on display, with one appearing to be larger than the other, wheras in reality they are the same size. The second is the classic triangle, which appears to be in the shape of one but in reality is a combination of different lines and angles. The last is the stair illusion, which appears to be a flight of stairs with a hand railing but in reality is another combination of lines and different shapes and angles.

Thank you so much for visiting this page and seeing my project, and I hope you end up supporting! (Please do!)

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