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Golden Arches McDonalds


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Golden Arches McDonalds
One of the earliest McDonald's had a very unique design. Large glowing Golden Arches matched with bold angles and unique architecture that immediately catches the eye. This model is based off of one of those early franchises and replicates many exterior and interior details from the original. Complex building techniques make up the sides, front, and big yellow arches to bring together an incredible display piece. On the inside, a fully detailed and accurately laid out kitchen allows you to relive the experience of making burgers, fries, and shakes. The included minifigures also help in bringing the model alive and bring a fun play side that anyone can enjoy.

Why I designed this 
It's no secret to many who know me personally that I love McDonalds and thoroughly enjoyed the movie Founder. As soon as I saw those Golden Arches and the beautiful building design in the movie, I knew I had to try to recreate it using my other passion, Lego. A while after seeing the movie, I got the inspiration to dive into the project. I started with the arches, moved on to the body, and before I knew it, the model started to take shape. 

A couple more months of refining sturdiness, recreating the detailed kitchen, and ordering parts, and I finally had the model complete. I had so much fun designing it and am so grateful for the opportunity to put it on this platform! I have had other projects in the past that I have considered putting on Lego Ideas, but none have struck me as more obvious to submit than this one. Through beautiful design, incredible architecture, and fun details, this model is sure to please anyone with nostalgia and joy.

This model is not only fantastic for display, but is also great for play! The stories and possibilities are seemingly endless. One example below shows a young boy who has most unfortunately dropped his milkshake and a nice McDonalds employee is rushing out to meet him with a new one.

In addition, you can reenact the entire burger making process from the uncooked patty on the grill, dressing the buns on the functional lazy susans, to sliding the wrapped burgers down the working burger slide, and finally handing it to the hungry customer. The model also includes a storage space with a built in freezer and an office area with two desks and a coat rack. These two areas and the kitchen can be accessed by removing two roof components which you can see in the video I posted.

This model would look amazing on any display surface and can be so much fun to play with! I am so excited that my model has the opportunity of possibly being placed on your shelf too! So if you want that to happen and you want to help my project along that process, consider giving support to my Golden Arches McDonalds!

I also built a sign for the model and will release speed build videos of parts of it throughout the support process. If my project reaches 10,000 supports, I will release a designer video detailing the processes I used to create the main model and explaining some of the interesting building techniques.

Thanks everyone for your support and for taking the time to look at my submission!

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