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Sliding Puzzle


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Do you remember those Sliding Puzzles as a child?

The pieces could move in an upward or sideways motion and you cant remove the pieces as they are interlocked together!

Remember them?  Good then..

Heres one made from our favourite building blocks..Lego!

1 Puzzle could consisist of ;-

  • 1 Outer buidable lego case to hold all the moving parts.
  • 15 main sliding parts and 1 final part to add once puzzle is solved.
  • Each one of the 15 Sliding part consists of 8 plate parts plus 16 1x1 tiles that make up the picture.
  • A total of 256 1x1 tile parts are used to form the picture. 
  • Pictures could be total customizable using the tiles to form any message or picture.

The 15 main pieces interlock and know matter which way you move them they wont fall out of the outer case. Once the puzzle is solved the last remaing piece ( piece Number 16) can be added to finish the picture and lock them all in place:)

It might be an idea to have a certain number of each colour tile with the set and then being able to customise the picture, the possibilities would be endless!

What design could you come up with by using a 16x16 pixel grid?

Ive added a few pictures so you can get the idea etc

You could design a message using the tiles for a loved one to give them as a gift perhaps?

or just make your own picture, jumble it up then get your friends to solve it!

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