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Scenicruiser Greyhound bus


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My last project: the Greyhound bus "Scenicruiser"

The General Motors PD-4501 was designed exclusively for the Greyhound company by the french-born designer Raymond Loewy in the early 50's.
As a child, I was fascinated by the american 60's, and I had a small metal-cast Greyhound bus for an uncle who played with it when he was him self a child. Later, when I became adult, I started a professionnal CAD designer career.
A couple of weeks ago, I've seen the new modular set for 2018, "the diner", and then I didn't stop thinking about all american cars and buildings of this time. My wife gifted me the set 60154 (the City bus) a couple of months ago, and look at it reminded me the Greyhound, so I decided to design a new version after searching some pictures of the original bus.

The chassis is based on the City bus 60154, whose length was raised. The bus can actually hold 6 passengers + the driver.
The passengers seats were raised from the ground to create a luggage compartment under passengers cabin. 
All passengers have real seats, unlike the original bus.
I designed it to use the same roof parts as the City bus, but this part doesnt exist on LDD, so I had to represent it a different way. This one is the first version, later I think I'll create more details, as the engine heat grilles, or simply the engine with an access panel. A terminal will be added later.
This set will need some stickers to figure the destination panel, the sides of the bus and the licence plates. It can hold an advertisement panel on the rear. 
It is actually made with 283 parts + figures.

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