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1976 Lancia Stratos Group 4 Rally Car - Speed Champion


Today I bring this classic example of an iconic rally car. One of the best shapes in my opinion, this recreation is done in racing livery. The car is small in real life, so I wanted to represent that compact nature here in this model. I went with a single set of popup lights and believe a black bezel with a stick may complete the look a little bit better than the clean lenses used here. They do still look good I think.

This car features 147 bricks including the mini fig. It uses some interesting elements such as the rocker bearing and plate with a louvered flat brick to simulate the rear hatch of the car. The rear end mimics the lip spoiler and the angled brick in the B-pillar represents the small kink in the window on the real vehicle. The two long skinny exhaust pipes look very similar to how the genuine exhaust from the rowdy six cylinder. I hope you enjoy this build.

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