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Frog of Crevalcore

Greetings to all you, dear LEGO Fans,

my name is Luca, and like you, I was raised with bread and LEGO since I was a child.
It is with great pleasure that I am presenting you my special LEGO Frog which is my first MOC and I must say, this is so exciting and amusing.

By chance, one evening I was arranging several LEGO blocks which had been given to me as gifts, I looked carefully at all of them, and I was particularly impressed by those in the predominant green colour. Right away I thought I would surprise my beloved mother who has been collecting any frog-shaped object for a long time and thanks to her, I have this passion for LEGO and the frog is the municipal symbol of our small but beautiful town, Crevalcore (Bologna).

So I started in the evening and kept putting LEGO parts together all night long, without having any idea but with a lot of enthusiasm and inspiration. I started to fit pieces on pieces in order to create as much as possible soft anatomical shapes that could meet my idea of a frog. The next morning, my project was ready and in the following days, I just modified some small details to make it look even “nicer” and more realistic. The mouth of the frog opens and inside there is even the tongue. The final result is what you can see in the pictures.
The set consists of approximately 404 pieces.

The measurements are: 25 cm long / 28 cm wide / 13 cm height.
P.S. The frog is a symbol of luck and protection in different cultures. Green is hope.
If you like this project and wish to have a nice frog on your desk or to keep as a “pet” at your house, leave me your comments, both positive and negative, to let me know your opinion!

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