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Cowpoke Steakhouse


Updated and new features!

I am very excited to share the following enhancements and updates! All of these changes were to provide the building a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing appearance and in some cases to increase rigidity and stability.

I hope you love the changes as much as Bessie loves being the roof mascot cow!

First floor exterior
  • Larger windows
  • Flower box color change
  • Extruded bricks around windows
  • Added stability to the half window above the front door
  • Added a few more vines and flowers

First floor interior
  • Created more of an open floor plan giving the guests a full view into the kitchen
  • Redesigned the tile pattern on the main and kitchen floors
  • Slight redesign on chairs and bench seats for stability
  • Changed all table legs to barrels
  • Updated the stove, oven, and vent hood

Second floor
  • Added more artwork and wagon wheel to the inside
  • Added railing above chain fence for stability

Kitchen roof
  • New compact air handler
  • Added railing on the outside wall
  • Visitors in the form of blue birds

  • Added front molding
  • Added giant horns
  • Increased height of wall slightly

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