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Mr. Bean's Mini - TV Series (Car)

The character of Mr. Bean played and created by Rowan Atkinson is the apogee of British comedy that can endure. Bean’s ridiculous situations keep the audience on the edge of the seat even today. The TV series has importance to contemporary audiences since the character of Mr. Bean can be seen anywhere in the world.

What did I choose to recreate? The fan model consists of the iconic car from the series – Mr. Bean’s Mini. An armchair was included to complete the fan design with extra detail. The seat can easily be removed from the top of his car. The vehicle has an interior where collectors can put Teddy, a suitcase, and a ticket. 

In conclusion, my object is to make a tribute to our friend Mr. Bean and his endless adventures throughout the years. 

Piece count: 170

Characters: Mr. Bean, Teddy and The Mini

‘Gracias’ – Mr. Bean

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