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TMNT Splinter Sensei's Big Decision

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Hi everyone,

Here comes my favorite and the most exciting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) set—Splinter Sensei's Big Decision (SSBD). It is a decent vignette depicting a scene among Splinter Sensei and his turtle students. Most importantly, the stage from SSBD is truly a sewer-like place and heavily rendered.

When I was a child, I was always expecting I can own a set of the "turtles" and put them in their mystical sewer lair. Now the wish is comeing true through LEGO CUUSOO.

SSBD was designed on a 18 X 18 base plate and featured in an amazing 3D-extended pipeline. I put tons of details on the pipeline, such as flanges, valves, a heat exchanger, a console stand, a ventilator, a steam outlet, and two ladders. But those are NOT ALL from this set. In SSBD, you can also find out many details here and there, including an emergency monitor on the wall of the entrance, a drainage pump on ground, a fire extinguisher and tool box under the end of the pipeline, a jack light and several tools in the wall corner, three log pannels hanging on the outer wall.

At last, what are those mutagen jars for? Aha, here we go. One day, after a skirmish with Shredder's foot soldiers, the turtles got several mutagen jars from an abandoned factory and brought them back, expecting the mutagen can help their Sensei recover into human form. Unexpectedly, Splinter Sensei finally made his decision to dispose those mutagens and live with his beloved turtle boys for ever.

So, how about your feeling, like it? Please spread this CUUSOO through your Twitter, Facebook and etc. to help it enter the product stage.

Thanks for all your supports!!!

Splinter Sensei is coming.

Outer wall view

Top view