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Bonsai Redwood Tree


Redwood Bonsai - Sequoiadendron giganteum

I love Bonsai.  I love Lego.  So a few years ago I combined the two, and this was the start of our bonsai results.

There is nothing more amazing, than seeing the giant Sequoiadendron giganteum (American Redwood) trees in person.  They are the largest single standing trees that have ever existed.  They stand over 100 meters tall and are a very impressive sight to behold.  So to have this majesty in the palm of your hand as a Lego bonsai is equally inspiring.

The branches are designed to flow gradually downwards, just like in real life, where the weight of the wood in the branches and the snow that falls during winter, weighs down these branches.  This creates long, drooping, beautiful branches which we recreated in Lego form using different hinges.

The Redwood tree is 914 lego parts.  The Bonsai pot is 703 lego parts, but they can be made with less.  The entire bonsai with the pot is 61 Lego bricks high.  We paid a lot of attention to detail to try and emulate the real tree.

This species of tree lends itself perfectly to bonsai in the traditional but difficult style to master - Formal Upright.

We hope you enjoy seeing this creation, and in time hopefully you have one displayed in your home.