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Olsen-banden Money Safe


This is a recreation of the danish film series The Olsen Gang (original danish title "Olsen-banden")
Money safe. The Olsen Gang is a fictional Danish criminal gang in the famous comedy film series.
The money safe has a key roll in all of the popular 1970's movies.

The model features:
- Inside the door there is a highly detalied locking system.
- Outside the door there is a "coded" lock - The secret code is three Turn right to lock or three turn left to open.
- Realisitic "Franz Jäger, Berlin" look.
- Egon, Benny and Kjeld in all black minifigures which represents the well known siluette of the gang.
- An opening in the top where you can insert your own coins and make it your own penny bank / money box.

So if your a an Olsen-banden fan, as i am, and like this money safe then please vote.

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