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School bus


Back to school boys and girls!!

This is my idea for the school bus

It has twelve seats and one for the driver
In this school bus you can open the roof, the emergency
door in the back of the bus, the front door and the bonnet.
Under the front door there is an hide little stair
Inside the bus ner the roof there are two supports for backpacks
under the bus on the side of the driver there are two little storages compartment
where there is some tools
There is a little engine in front of the bus
It has two big mirrors
Dashboard of the bus include a phone and a little storage.

It should be written over the windshield, between the lights
and over the emergency door "SCHOOL BUS"

It should be drawn "STOP" on the signal near the front door

Zombie minifigures are not included in the set.


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