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Among Us MiraHQ Cafeteria

This set is a model of the MiraHQ cafeteria it is a little smaller than the original version in the game but it's still really cool. There is a feature in this set the that make the doors slide which in my opinion is pretty cool. The characters in this set is yellow and cyan, cyan is wearing a party hat for a accessory but yellow is not wearing anything unfortunately. There is two tables and a vending machine and the garbage disposal in this set. There is also a juice box on one of the tables the emergency button is on the other table. I think this would be a great set because this set has a working sliding door and there is lots of detail put in to this set and no one has made a MiraHQ set before. There will be more areas of the MiraHQ later on (if this set can get 10,000 supporters). This set can also connect to other sets by using Technic connectors. There is two tasks in this room garbage and getting a beverage from the vending machine. The juice box has printing  as well as the garbage task and the among us figures. This is the finale build