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The Architecture Classroom

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Idea of build:

In my entire life I have been buying many Lego sets from Marvel, DC, and Ninjago, but the one series that interests me the most is the architecture sets. I became interested in the architecture line is because of all the detail in it and how it looks like the real thing they are based off. So to celebrate my interest in the series I decided to build the one place that defines architecture and that is my architecture classroom. I thought it would be a good idea to build a place that teaches you architecture and the basics of it. 


​​​​​​Build info:

The entire classroom is built on four 32x32 baseplates. The build has two floors, three if including the roof. The build has a Architecture room, computer lab, photo room, and a pipe room. The two floors can fit over twenty four Minifigures in it. 

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