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The Inferno


"The Inferno" is a cool ship that I made while I was building with my friends. I mixed elements from LEGO Ninjago's Kai's Blade Cycle and Kai's Fire mech, added some pieces from the Enzo Ferrari, and tossed in a lot of aerodynamic looks and came up with this cool ship. 

It comes with two adventurers (as I like to call them) that can ride this ship, as seen in the pictures. They have two-sided heads (there are not 4 people) so they can either have their "game face" on, or have a fun time exploring. It also features the steering gear, a driver's seat, and a passenger seat, so one or both can ride it. However, I also find it easier to simply take out the seats altogether for a better cockpit fit. 

Fire design stickers can be added on many parts of the ship. 

Thanks for the support! Hope you like my model! 


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