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Zero to Hero (Hercules vs The Hydra)

With roughly 2000 pieces, I have constructed two iconic scenes from Hercules, one of the most inspiring Disney films. I went to great lengths to design two scenes for the Hercules and Hades minifigures from the second series of Disney blind bags. On the front of the model, I've created a scene in which Hercules fights the giant Hydra to prove himself a hero. When the model is flipped around, the underworld scene of Hercules leaping into the River Styx to save Meg is displayed.

This model represents my admiration for one of the most inspiring Disney films ever made. Hercules is jam packed of hilarious, heroic, and inspirational scenes that would make for a fantastic LEGO set. This Hercules model, in my opinion, would make for an excellent LEGO set for any fan of Hercules. If this were to become a real LEGO set, I'd love to see Phil and Meg included as well!

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