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Space Miners #2


Hello everyone!  I’m jmjt4!  I’d like to tell you a little about this new set I made!

First off, feel free to comment!  If you are viewing and you don’t like what you see I’d be happy to hear what I need to change for your support! 

In case you aren't familiar with this set, check out #1 ( for more story and models.

Jenny Blast's Space Speeder is the perfect vehicle for cruising across the Boneyard's unpredictable terrain!  It's powered by two turbine engines that even filter out deadly space dust.  The control panel helps Jenny keep an eye on the evil aliens surrounding her!  (Coming soon in #4!)

Blast uses the Space Speeder to search for good mining spots (she's always had an eye for crystals!).  Then after that, Bobby comes in with the mining laser and extracts the crystal. 

The crystal generator extracts the power from the Star Crystals to power outposts all over Planet 56687.  When a crystal is placed in it, it closes the clamps.  Then, a laser starts drilling into the crystal.  Finally, a wire is inserted and it starts draining the energy.

The Crystal Transportation Vehicle (C.T.V.) is used to bring the Crystals from the mines, over to the generators.  It's special cargo containers are padded so that the crystals don't break.  When they break, they leak a dangerous Energy Radiation.  The miners suits are designed to protect them from the radiation

Peter the Bunny-Bot MK2: Combat, serves more than one purpose.  Although it is not as agile a MK1, It is very good for rescuing miners from cave-ins because of its thick armor.  It is armed with a Helios Laser Pistol that is strong against almost every foe.  Plus, Peter is equipped with a heat sensing scanner so that he can't be ambushed!

Jenny Blast was a high-ranking army officer until she decided to join on with the  Every miner is allowed one pet, so she brought along her trusted canine friend, Dexter.






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