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more microSYSTEM

Built on an 8x8-stud footprint, compatible with the January 2012 release of official LEGO(R) set 10230 Mini Modulars.

Models shown were designed using LEGO(R) Digital Designer(R) with parts available within LEGO Design byME(R) and Pick-a-Brick(R).

Please support the main microSYSTEM project, as this page intends to provide additional images to enhance the project description.

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DO VOTE for the project below so as not to dilute the voting of this overall micro system of town, train, plane, and space:

These microTRAINs were designed exclusively with LEGO(R) Digital Designer(R) and the parts are available through Design byME(R) and Pick-a-Brick(R) as of December 2011.

Multiples of the 8x8-stud standard micro/mini system footprint.Roadway and train guideways.

A micro Concorde airplane on a modular/expandable runway. Combine multiple runway segments together to create a full-length airport runway.


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