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Combat Racer Combiners


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Ladies & Gentlemen, say hello to the next generation in LEGO Racers: "Combat Racer Combiners"! or "CRC" for short! The idea is simple, each racer chooses a back section and partner for their vehicle and then they combine with their front via "Cross Fusion" to form a "Racing Battle Machine" or "RBM" for short. What you see above is the first four vehicle halves I have created. But I hope that LEGO will consider creating more based on the concept. That way, people can mix and match for hundreds of possible combinations.

Total pieces used: 428

This is the red front called "Trucker". It is equipped with all terrain tires, super bright headlights, and it's weather resistant. Basically, it has all the power of a GMC or a Chevy Silverado, in half the size.

This is the yellow front called "Bumper". It's a little bit smaller and not as powerful as "Trucker", but it does have a really strong bumper on the front that can ram through almost anything.

This is the blue back called "Galaxy". It has a very powerful man operated laser cannon (which may or may not be stolen from an advanced alien race) and smoke stacks for causing smokescreens. It does have one weakness though, the cannon will be non functional if you shoot the power supply in the back.

This is the green back called "Archer" It consists of four dwarfs manning crossbow stations on all four sides and a crystal in an orb that links the dwarfs' minds in a telepathic link for maximum teamwork. It has one weakness as well, if you destroy the crystal, the telepathic link will be broken and the dwarfs will be disorientated.

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