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Modular Death Star

When I first started this project my main goal was to build a display of the hangar entrance where Obi Wan fought Vader in the epic battle, but it soon turned into a bigger project. I wanted to take the full advantage of the X-Large Gray Baseplate and build other details into the model. I ended up with the control room where Grand Moff Tarkin show Princess Leie the power of the Death Star on Alderaan, some more doorways and a turbo laser platform.

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I guess the model appeal to the adult collector, but the model is sturdy and is therefor perfect for play for the younger Star Wars fan. How awesome is it to build the epic scene where Obi Wan fight Vader in the hangar entrance?

The tough about the X-Large Gray Baseplate is to combine this set with other modules of the interior of the Death Star, the Penitentiary and the Trash Compactor comes to mind:)

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