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Mos Espa Pod Race Crowd Scene

While Lego have, in the past, created pod racers from Star Wars Episode 1, (Anakin's pod racer is included for scale above) they have not yet released a set showing one of the great crowd scenes in the series. This set attempts to do just that.

It consists of two main parts, which could theoretically be released separately: Jabba's private box and the viewing platform.

It complements sets 7961 and 7962, and includes many of the minifigs from those sets, and I include recommendations for which new minifigs should be included in this set.

Jabba's private box is central, with six seats in tiers to either side of it. The minifigs on the balcony are based on characters from The Phantom Menace; some, but not all, of the minifigs to either side are too. The minifig with the dark brown hair to the left of Watto is based on Weazel who, if included in the set, would be the fifth minifig based on a Warwick Davis character.

The back of the set is hinged to allow access to the balcony, and there are two rooms below the stands for spare parts and mechanics' tools. As you can see, some minifigs have 2x2 plates to sit on rather than chairs to allow for wings, hair, etc.

The viewing platform is simple enough, and a little cramped. It is used by four characters in the movie, but three is pretty much the limit here. Suggested new minifigs here are Kitster, Melee and an unfinished C-3PO. Shmi Skywalker is also long overdue, but I haven't created her yet. Qui-Gon Jinn is wearing a poncho fashioned from a Dementor's cloak.

The two minifigs at the front of the balcony are based on Diva Shaliqua and Chokk, both seen in the movie. No new parts are necessary for Diva Shaliqua, but Chokk should have a yellow bandana, not a red one. Also included here as a suggested new minifig is R5-X2, also briefly seen in the movie. His legs and body should be red, not dark red, but the head piece from R5-D8 is perfect for him.

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