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The Scorpion Lords


When I saw the four armed torsos used to make the villains in Ninjago, I knew they'd be perfect for attaching to the spider leg bases that I had created based on an image I saw in one of the Lego Agent sets, but they used the small teeth for the feet, where I knew that the larger teeth would look a lot better.  After attaching the Kozu and Garmadon torsos, I realized they'd look better with capes, and then I engineered the claws, making these make a lot more sense as scorpions. 

Recently I noticed that the Lego Chima series has released some scorpion and spider minifigures, but I think my design is sufficiently different to be considered unique.  I only wish I had submitted my ideas before they were officially released, so my originality would not be suspect.  Maybe my claw design's uniqueness with silence my detractors.

While these are technically minifigures, they are sufficiently large enough that they could be released as a small set, or added to another set.  I particularly like the black scorpion lord, with his four matching axes.

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