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Naptime, the Ride


Naptime, the fairground ride is open, better get there early as this one fills up quick. No time limits, no cost, no staff and no liability. Amusement parks and fairgrounds are exhausting, we take our kids, but sometimes we need a break. Nap time is for you. Which character are you?
1)The 2 kids 2 tall to ride and are upset?
2) The parent who can not contain his excitement at the thought of 30 mins to do what they like?
3) The ‘mumtographer’ making sure she gets every cry and scream to post on social media?
4) The couple dragging their kid in kicking and screaming?
5) The child- kicking and screaming?
6) The escaped baby?
7) The cat?
8) None of the above because you are a fibber?

I built this originally as part of a challenge but now I really believe it is a cash cow for any amusement park, but its more likely Lego will make it than anyone in real life.

Why would it be a GREAT Lego set? Why would it not we all need naps, we can all relate and quite frankly there is a niche in baby rides, in that there are not any at the moment.

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