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The S.O.S. Raft


This is another LEGO set I made for my favorite TV show Gilligan's Island.  This set is based off the Gilligan's Island Season 1 episode "Two on a Raft", in which Gilligan and Skipper build a raft and ride onto the shipwrecked island's ocean with an S.O.S signal sign that was sewn by Mary Ann and Ginger. Unfortunately though, Gilligan and Skipper get lost in the middle of the island on the raft as a bad thunderstorm approaches and even worse after that, sharks arrive and try to attack the raft with Skipper and Gilligan on it.

This set allows LEGO's collectors or LEGO builders in general, recreate the funny scene from this episode and have fun building it from start to finish, the set also can be a fun nostalgic set for Gilligan's Island fans to enjoy, remember and reminisce the good times of this classic comedy TV sitcom.

Disassemble the bricks on the raft to recreate the funny moment when the raft breaks apart as the sharks attack and clash through the raft, breaking the pieces apart.

This set includes 2 mini-figures of Gilligan and the Skipper and 2 minifigures of sharks, and an anchor for Gilligan to throw at the sharks.

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