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Invader Zim Brick-Built Figures


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Invader Zim has returned! Not only in comic book form, but now in a possible LEGO set.

This proposal is for LEGO to release a set that is composed of Invader Zim brick-built figures. If the project reaches 10,000 supporters by the deadline, LEGO will review the set and see if it would make a good product. LEGO Ideas doesn't accept projects that require new molds so a brick-built figure option is the best for making figures that look the most accurate.

If you like the look of these figures and want these made into an official LEGO set, click the blue support button. It is free to support! If you can, please spread the word as well. Feel free to use any of these images to get the word out. I am not very good at advertising my projects online. Without your help, this project will not reach 10,000 supporters .

Part count for this set is currently 805 pieces. However, the pig is about 89 pieces and could be eliminated if LEGO wanted to bring the price down. My model is just the starting point. LEGO Master builders design the final product.

This Invader Zim project was a labor of love for me. Invader Zim has been my favorite cartoon since it premiered in 2001. With the new comics, it is so great to have new stories about our favorite characters.

If you would like to support some of my other projects, click here or search LEGO Ideas for my username, buggyirk

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