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City Comic Store

Welcome to the Lego City Comic Store where minifigs can buy comics, toys, costumes, models, Lego and about anything they are looking for. Outside there are video games, rubbish collection and a fire hydrant like most streets in Lego City.

Hi everyone and thanks for checking out my project, as you can see I would like an official comic store as a start to more city sized shops. This set is full of small details and I have tried multiple styles of each component before submitting this idea.

The view inside once the back wall has been slid out using the regular flat tiles on top. Inside there should be many items and displays you find in many specialty comic stores and as you can see I have tried to use the space well. The roof can also easily lift off to enhance play and be used in brick films.

I would have liked individual printed tiles as comic books however most of the tiles I have used are maps or blank, this said I hope that if the set was released it would contain Lego comics from different themes or original ideas.

A view from the side showing the games, come and show your support now click the big green button and get it started.

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