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Waterfall Dream House


This modern dream house of my imagination has a stunning location right over a waterfall on a cliff. It has a nice garden with a small bridge over the stream.
The dining room has glass walls to both sides so the LEGO people can enjoy the waterfall and stream. Above the dining room you'll find a big balcony with loungers.
The living room has high ceilings so it feels spacious. Notice the little dog who is busy looking at the rabbits outside.
The bedroom is on the top floor with a fantastic view to wake up to.
Bathroom and laundry room are carved down into the cliff.
Another cool detail is the little opening to a cave right behind the waterfall.
A real house like this would be beyond affordable to most people, but in LEGO it could be yours, so click that support button.

Number of pieces: 2982

Length: 384 mm (15.12 in)
Width: 384 mm (15.12 in)
Height: 340 mm (13.39 in)

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