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Planting Fun

If aliens come to earth and see strange things made by human beings, will they understand the fun?

Human species started from using tools with both hands, and human civilization started from building cities. In the work "Planting fun", taking the earth as the background, it selects 30 interesting things created by human beings from ancient times to the present, and expresses them with the technique of seeds sprouting on the earth and the dynamic characteristics of interesting things.

My profession is a teacher. The deep meaning of my work is to pass it on to human beings. I know how to find interesting things around me, immerse myself in them, and love them.

30 interesting things:
1. Find fire and guide human development;
2. Words, the bridge of human communication;
3. Books, the way of human recording knowledge;
4. Clock, the way human beings express time;
5. Music, the voice of human soul;
6. Dance, the art of human action;
7. Fine Arts, the art of human vision;
8. Architecture, building up human habitation and history;
9. Emotion, the bridge of human relationship;
10. Medicine, wisdom of human life science;
11. The Falling Apple inspired Newton to publish the law of gravitation;
12. Power Grid, the basic energy of human life;
13. Puzzle Game, a way for human beings to explore brain power.
14. The Olympic Games is the stage for human beings to break through the limit of physical ability;
15. Nobel Prize, medal of human thought and scientific breakthrough;
16. Planting, the bridge between human and plant;
17. Food, the pursuit of food;
18, Photography, human record of the magic of the moment;
19. Film, human dynamic art;
20. Telephone, pull into the distance of human communication;
21. Machine, the important tool of human development;
22. Automobile, a tool for human beings to pull in distance;
23. Ship, the way of human exploring the ocean;
24. Aircraft, human's desire for flight;
25. Helicopter, another human understanding of flight;
26. Rail Train, the tool of human migration;
27. Submarine, a way for human beings to explore the deep sea;
28. Rocket, the way of human exploring the universe;
29. Computer, a tool for human exploration;
30. Robot, human assistant;

The skills of expression are as follows:
1. Interesting things on the surface of the blue spherical model symbolize the interesting things created by human beings living on the earth;
2. The 30 interesting things on the spherical model are displayed dynamically with a power through the core machine, which means that every interesting thing is in progress all the time, and the human pace never stops;
3. The upper and lower part of the spherical model is a hand, which symbolizes that human species starts from using tools with both hands;
4. The black semicircle stands for the interesting things unknown and expected by human beings in the universe.
5. The rivers at the base and the buildings of the four ancient civilizations are the pillars of the beginning of human civilization.

I hope you like it and support it.

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