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Monster Mash Mansion


The set in question has 428 pieces, including 12 figures to maximise your role playing fun.  The story told by the set, is one paying homage to stories like Stranger Things with a group of friends discovering the supernatural and having to deal with the results of their discovery.

The five teens become friends through surviving their shared adventures.

The lego monsters are the eccentric Dr Brickenstein and his creations, the fig-eating plant, and his monster-fig.  In his experiments he is aided by his faithful assistant Igor.  Dr Brickenstein’s family also live with him - his great Uncle Count Brikula, the vampire; Larry, Dr Brickenstein’s groundskeeper, who sadly suffers the curse of the full moon also lives in the castle. Finally there is the castle’s resident ghost, always hanging around keeping an eye on activities.

The large castle features a Conservatory that houses the fig-eating plant, a generous sized laboratory for Dr Brickenstein to work in, plus an office where Dr Brickenstein writes his journal articles and the results of his experiments.  The prison dungeon is a place for Dr Brickenstein to hold his uninvited guests.  Above the dungeon is a secret hidden room that houses a trap door leading to the dungeon.  On one side of the castle there is a peaceful resting place for Uncle Count Brikula, a dark mausoleum.  The castle is situated outside Lego City in the brick forest and is suspected of being haunted. 

Lewis, one of the teens is a huge fan of the work of Dr Brickenstein.  He goes to the castle hoping to have one of Brickenstein’s books autographed and thus begins the adventures.

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