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Sea Princesses Tubarina's House Playground

This is a set based in the brazilian animated series Sea Princesses (Princesas del Mar in Spanish, Princesas do Mar in portuguese). This series is set on the Salacia's World, a Kingdom under the sea, full of princes and Princesses that represent several sea species.

This LEGO set portrays the Playground of the Tubarina's House, this contains a balancine (funtional), a slide, a pair of swings (funtional), 3 Buildable figures and of course the Tubarina's House in the background.

This set contains 610 pieces and 4 minifigures who are:
Polvina: She is the Octopuses pink princess
Ester: She is the Starfishes yellow princess
Tubarina: She is the Sharks Blue princess
Marcello: He is the Hammersharks Gray Prince and Tubarina's cousin

The Buildable figures:
Tentie: Is the Polvina's Octopus pet
Spikey: Is the Ester's starfish pet
Gummy: Is the Tubarina's Shark pet

I decided to design this set out of nostalgia, this series i watched in my childhood on the Discovery kids channel in the years 2008 to 2010, i hope this set reaches 10,000 supporters this time.

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