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Mecha V1

Loosely based on an anime style mecha, this model stands at 33cm tall. The joints are all posable, the legs use exo force joints and the arms use ball joints. At the base of the legs there are individual thrusters, which can move up and down.

On the back of the torso there are a set of two thrusters, which move independently on L shape Technic pieces.

The shoulder coverings move up and down to allow for movement of the arms. The head can move up and down and rotate.

I am not expecting this model to get too many supporters. It's too large, too fragile and not part of a theme. I'm using this design, which I built a couple of years ago to give me an idea of what people want in a design and how I can improve, so as much feedback as possible would be appreciated, whether it be about the model, photography or my concept below.

The concept

With the feedback I hope to start work on a new mecha theme. I want to incorporate an easy system of swapping parts between models, while making sure that the joints are strong enough to hold a pose. This parts swapping idea would allow children/adults to create their own individual mecha, but also encourage them to create their own parts. The overall design of the theme would keep to a similar aesthetic as this model but at a smaller scale, between 15-20cm. I have yet to decide if I want to include space for minifigures. Again, any feedback you can give is welcome.

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