Product Idea |

Futuristic Spaceship


Lego spaceship meant to travel across the galaxy with an opening canopy to hold minifgures and a sleek yet beefy design, help fight crime with folding wings and landing gear. My idea was to create a rigid spaceship that anyone can use and build it has a great design that I think would make a great Lego set. This spaceship was inspired by all the yellow and white plane pieces I had in my room, I hope you vote for my product and enjoy it's design. 

I always wanted to build a medium ship with good design, this model is based off of syfi and looks great in action, the ship is sturdy enough to whoosh around and defeat space pirates. If you have any comments or suggestions please leave them for me to see, I hope you vote for my product to get it to 10,000 for the Lego group to see.


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