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The Buttermilk Bandit


The thieves have come to the Wild West and they are looking for cows.  The buttlemilk business is booming and all the ranches are expanding under the new source of income, yet some have found it easier to seize the means of production from their fellows in order to make a profit for themselves.  The most famous of these new outlaws being Miss Catherine a.k.a The Buttermilk Bandit.  Equipped with her trusty balloon and her crafty wit, she has been raiding the ranches all up the southern hills, taking all the cattle she can to build her wealth of gold.  Fortunately, Detective Jones and his partner, Miss Prentiss, have been sent to tackle the job and take down Catherine’s thievery. Cruising the thoroughfares in their automobile, leaving a cloud of dust in their trail, the pair have laid eyes on yet another theft.  Now the race is on to take down the Buttermilk Bandit before she makes off with yet another prize and escapes the law with more gold as her reward.


Minifigures Included:

  • Detective Jones (male)

  • Detective Prentiss (female)

  • Catherine, The Buttermilk Bandit (female)

Also, a cow, snake, and scorpion.

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