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Slide Puzzle

A slide puzzle is a puzzle where you move tiles in a grid and attempt to arrange them in a specific order or configuration. The most popular of these types of puzzles often have you attempt to recreate a larger image from the tiles.

I enjoy puzzles, and I thought it would be a fun challenge to try and create a LEGO rendition of the slide puzzle. My version consists of a simple 3x3 grid where you form either one of two mosaic images out of the 8 tiles. I also created a tile set simply numbered 1-8 for people new to or unfamiliar with slide puzzles.

I think people will enjoy the puzzle as it is, but what I feel will make it special is the potential for anyone to take this build and make the puzzle their own. While one is free to play the game using the mosaic images I built, anybody can modify the tiles and create images of their own, using pieces from their own collection.

To see the build in action, you can watch me solve the slide puzzle here.

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