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Starship Providence

Welcome aboard the Starship Providence.
Let's meet his captain Mark Atkins, Elvin Taylor, the engineer and Cyb3000 the robot.
They are about to embark on a flight for new adventures in deep space.

I'm a huge fan of 80s LEGO Space and this set is reminding me of good and old memories.

The front of the spaceship is an autonomous small spacecraft ready for exploration and maybe interception of enemies. Usually, it is the captain who is on command but Cyb3000 likes to use it.
The back of the spaceship is made of a little laboratory to analyze the rocks discovered by the captain. It is also where the engine is. So that's the place for Elvin Taylor.

On top of the ship, there is a multi-directional radar which could also be used as an antenna to communicate to the mothership.

So what are you waiting? The takeoff is about to be done.

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