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Wacky Races with Brickfigures


Project shortly due to expire

I apologise that I didn’t meet your expectations.  Thank you to everyone who commented, followed, shared and supported.
If you would like to see my other projects they can be found here:
Thank you.  : )


Behind the Scenes (And away they go! On the way out Wacky Races!) (revised 30 May 2015)

Hanna-Barbera’s Wacky Races
This project is based on characters from the Wacky Races.  They are characters from an animated television series.  You can find out more about them and the series here:
and you may be able to find more via the Warner Bros. site here:

My Other Projects
If you would like to see my other projects they can be found here:

LEGO Digital Designer (LDD)
The models have been created using LEGO Digital Designer (in the Extended Mode) which can be found here:

LDD things you might not know
Under the edit tab, there is a preferences option, which may (depending on your computer) allow you to generate a higher-quality picture.
You may also want to explore the outlines on bricks option as well (I think it makes building easier, even if you don’t want to see the outlines in a final picture).
If you use Ctrl k in the Build mode it allows you to save an image with a white background (which currently will show with a grey background on the Discover pages).

Thank You GlenBricker and Better Backgrounds
has a helpful page on the blog
if you want to experiment with adding your own backgrounds, so they don’t show with the grey background.

Thank You GRusso and POV-Ray Rendering
pointed out to me that rendering is a better option than simply using LDD and is not as difficult as it looks and provided me with the links below.
You need two pieces of software, one to convert the LDD file and the other to complete the rendering (which can take a number of hours, depending on the complexity of the model and the bricks used). The software can be found here:

the results (see below)

Errors and Mistakes
I hope I have provided some clarification and useful information. If I have made any mistakes (which is almost guaranteed) please point them out to me in the comments (so I can try to correct them) or if you think any of the content in my project (or projects) or updates is inappropriate or inaccurate in some way and needs to be removed please contact the LEGO Ideas team direct here: or via email:

Thank you for your time.

Another Wacky Races Project
There is also another great Wacky Races project on the site.
zannabianca76’s D. Dastardley and Muttley's 00 car from Wacky Races
(available to support for a limited time)