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The New Solaris Urbino12


The New Solaris Urbino 12

Solaris buses are produced in Bolechowo. They are very comfortable, have a modern and useful design. The used engines meet the highest emissions standards -  the Euro 6 standard.

I would like to present one of my favorite and the most beautiful bus that I have ever seen on the city streets.  As a fan of LEGO, my dream was to build that bus from LEGO bricks to transport as many minifigures as it is possible. And I did it. This vechicle can bring 20! LEGO figures: 8 sitting, about 11 or 8 standing + bicycle and driver. It perfectly fits to the LEGO City sets. I used colors of buses from my city – Suchy Las.

My LEGO version of Urbino12 features all important details and functions:

  • openable doors and window in the roof
  • openable bonnet at the back
  • openable doors in the driver’s cabin
  • detailed engine
  • dimensions: 320 x 70 x 75 mm  (length / width / height)
  • scale: 1:38

I hope you like it. If you would like to own a LEGO model of this fantastic bus,
please support!

Thank you!

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