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Rustic Homestead

This innovative Rustic Homestead design features countless fun characteristics. It consists of two bedrooms and both a front porch and a back porch. It includes a living area with games, a dining room, kitchen, library, and much more modern accessories found in the hallways and stairway throughout the house. I’m hoping this distinctive idea will inspire more modern architecture in Lego sets for the future!

I decided to create this design because I appreciate modern architecture greatly and I wanted to design modern architecture myself. This idea is dedicated to a house I would love to design in the future to live in. I included both a modern design and a rustic-looking country home which complement each other to create this unique design. I also incorporated nature throughout the design to add more color and fun.

With both a decorative appearance and an easily playable concept, I think the Rustic Homestead would be a wonderful set for the lego community. It would not only interest all ages, but it would also be a unique design unlike any others. I hope that this product will be enjoyable to all! Thanks!

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