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RISE Engine

I'm pleased to present my latest personal creation: the CFM Group's RISE engine!

This is a turboprop engine program known as Open Fan, i.e. without a nacelle enclosing the main fan. This kind of prototype, still at the demonstrator stage, should equip future aircraft by 2025-2030, if promises of reduced fuel consumption are kept! (

I wanted to create a standing model version once again with functional and motorized elements.

I started the design at the end of 2023 and spread it out over 7 months. The final model is made up of around 1,300 parts, measuring around 20cm in diameter and 30cm in length.

The big technical challenge lay in the mechanism for varying the incidence of the main rotating and fixed blades in a single movement, using a lever concealed in the base of the support!

Technically speaking, to fully understand the concept, we need to distinguish between the "rotating" front fan blades and the "fixed" rear blades. A central mobile made up of 2 cradles is guided in translation by a linkage system. In transit, this mobile tilts all the eccentrically-mounted blades. The trick thing about this mechanism is that, from a single translation movement of the mobile, the front blades turn anti-clockwise, while the rear ones turn clockwise.

You'll see, it's easier to understand on video!
Video :

Thank you !

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