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Experiment 626 / Stitch!


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Aloha! Experiment 626 has just broken out of the Galactic Federation Headquarters and has crash-landed on earth! You can assemble your favorite version of Stitch! Build him as the trouble-maker 626, or build him as the fluffy dog that you know and love! Stitch has three blasters, a snow cone, and his ukulele! Stitch is fully posable with lots of articulation so you can recreate your favorite magical Stitch moments! Give Stitch his blasters, his snow cone to enjoy, or his ukulele so that he can play some Hawaiian songs! This set includes:

  • Stitch
  • His space suit
  • His antenna, three spines, and two other arms
  • Three space blasters
  • A snow cone
  • A ukulele

This Stitch set is approximately 1,611 bricks and is ready for action!

I built this set because I love the movie Lilo and Stitch, and Stitch is my favorite Disney character!

I think this would be a good Lego set because people would like to build Stitch, he is a popular Disney character, and Stitch is so cute!

If you would like to see Stitch become a real Lego set so you can add him to your Lego collection, please support. Stitch would love to get 10,000 supporters! Stitch and I appreciate any support. Stitch also loves your comments too! :)

Please help Stitch become a Lego reality.

Mahalo for looking at my Lego Stitch!
(P.S.) Mahalo means thank you in Hawaiian. :)

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