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The Mall


Whenever I visualise Buckingham Palace it is at the end of ‘The Mall’. The Mall is an integral part of most of the occasions that involve the Palace, whether it is a royal procession, a state event or being part of the route of the London Marathon. This idea therefore proposes an addition to the Buckingham Palace Architecture set number 21029.

The model stretches from Admiralty Arch at one end to mate up with the Palace set at the Victoria Memorial roundabout.

The model is displayed with a royal procession on route to the Palace. The procession includes parading soldiers, two royal coaches and following luxury cars. I had to use model dogs to represent the coach horses because the horse & foal models are too big but I am sure there is scope for some creative license and this is something that Lego could address if this was produced as a commercial set.

The Mall is lined with trees, street lights and flags. The flag can change for different events but for a royal procession as shown in this set it would normally be the UK Flag.

Dimensions – The model is sized to be consistent with official Lego Set No. 21029 and has 730 bricks.

​Note - the proposed model does not include the Buckingham Panace Set - this is only shown in the picture so that the two sets can be seen together.

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