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Wild Western Showdown!

Not too long ago, The Pirate Bay hit 10,000 supporters. It went into the review, and was approved along with two other projects. Now that LEGO is bringing pirates back, there is something else that is missing... LEGO Western! So I created this set.


This set called "Wild Western Showdown" comes with 2 buildings, 6 mini-figures, and more! The first building is a Bank, the interior features a desk with some money on it. It also comes with a chair that your figures can sit down on. The second building is a "Cave Hideout" for bandits. It has a bed, a small table with a bowl on it, and a chair for the table. The 6 mini-figures are a Calvary Guy, 2 bandits, a Cowboy, a Banker, and a Sheriff. The set also includes some accessories like a horse.
I think this set would be fun for both children and adults. The set could have a lot of imaginative play and more!

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