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Classic Chess Set


    Hello everybody! I am introducing my new product idea, the Classic Chess Set! The inspiration that drove me to build this chess set was mostly because of the simplicity of the game, (no cards involved) and the enjoyment that it can bring to many people, whatever age they are. It is an easy game to learn that can be extremely enjoyable and amusing.

     First of all, the chess board is constructed into a 38 x 38 base. The wood's design curves it in, so the actual chess board (where the pieces move) is a 32 x 32 square. Each space is a four stud square, with a 2 x 2 tile with a single stud in the middle for the pieces to attach to from the bottom, securing the piece onto the board. It helps (as much as possible) to make sure that the pieces don't slide off the board. The total number of bricks in this build is 922.
     In addition, I tried to make each piece look as close as possible to the original pieces. Some of the sizings between the pieces (specifically the rook and knight) may not be perfect. The knight has only the head and neck intros version. Some of the sets may also have a full body included, but I decided, just because of sizing limits, not to build it like that. Hopefully the pieces look similar to our original set in real life. I tried to make, like I said, as close as possible to the real pieces in the set. If any of you have ideas on how to improve this build, suggestions are encouraged in the comment section above. Hopefully you like this product idea just as much as I do! 

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