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The Windmill


Well it's open day at the The Windmill! 

This old post-mill has been renovated by the citizens of Lego City and is now open for visitors to come and learn about life in the "olden days".

The Windmill comprises around 3000 pieces and - while not strictly modular - is built to true minifig scale. It can stand alone as a fun model with huge playability value, and would also complement any town layout, modular or not.

Although there are ten minifigs, I don't think it really needs all of them. I've included the Tripp family (who are having lots of fun visiting the attraction), the mill-owner and the farmer, the truck driver and his hired-hand delivering sacks of wheat, and the lady selling souvenir windmill models. There's also some guy who's gotten himself into a spot of trouble!

Features include:

  • Moveable sails, which power the grindstones
  • Fully rotatable super-structure
  • Removable roof, revealing the upper workings
  • Side-opening wall revealing the grinding table and stones
  • Walls that open into the roundhouse below
  • A fan-tail that spins
  • A wind vane on the roof-top
  • An old farm truck
  • Stalls selling souvenirs, bags of flour and bread

Thanks for looking, and if you like The Windmill please support and follow!

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