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Project Elements: Chapter 1 Ice vs Fire: 05 Ice Mech vs. Fire Walker


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In a long time ago, Eleton was a ruthless place.  One day, the four kings, Democritus, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, came and divided it into four places, Pyrka (the sword of Eleton), Nero(the shield of Eleton), Aera(the armor of Eleton), and Geia(the strength of Eleton).  Each king governed one place.  However, Democritus, one of the four kings who was beloved by the people of Pyrka, was forced to govern Geia, a desert between Pyrka and Aera.  Democritus was angry and left Eleton.  The People of Pyrka turn out to fight against the three kings.  A war between the sword of Eleton and the shield of Eleton has begun.


Pyrka - Fire

Nero - Water

Aera - Air

Geia - Earth


05 Ice Mech vs. Fire Walker

People of Pyrka brings out the giant Fire Walker to capture the highland.  On the other side, Dephenie gets into her Ice Mech to cool down the fire.  Will she succeed?


Pieces: 597

Minifigure: Fire - Names Undecided

                 Water - Dephenie Walter

Price: around 49.99 USD to 69.99 USD

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