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Opel RAK2


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Opel RAK 2

I love the aesthetics of the race cars of the 20s, and when I saw a picture of the Opel RAK2, a rocket-powered car, I knew I had to make a Lego model of this great car.

The RAK2 was manufactured by the German brand Opel, both for experimental purposes as advertising. The rockets were mounted in the rear of the vehicle. Two large stabilization wings provided aerodynamic down-force. The name of the car (RAK) is from the German word “Rakete” that means “rocket”. This was the second rocket-powered car produced by Opel widely outrunning its predecesor RAK1.

On 1928, Fritz von Opel drove the RAK2 at the AVUS (Automobil-Verkehrs- und Übungsstrasse, Automobile Traffic and Training Road) in Berlin, and reached 238 km/h, setting a world record speed.

This set has 128 bricks and includes a minifig of Fritz von Opel.

I hope you like this model. 

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