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Big Rig


This is a model of a prime mover that is the proper scale for Mini-figs. I built this vehicle using a similar building technique as the Lego City trucks, except it is twelve studs wide, allowing three Mini-figs to sit comfortably across - just as in a real truck of its size.

The model is filled with details and features:

  • Opening driver and passenger doors.
  • Adjustable side mirrors.
  • A sleeper-style cabin, which includes a bed and TV with a detailed satellite box.
  • The roof of the cab is designed for easy access to the cabin, through two panels that open up.  This feature allows you to easily maneuver Mini-figs inside the cabin, without having to remove the roof (as is typical of many Lego City designs).
  • Behind the cabin is a storage box for the driver's tools.
  • Also behind the cabin is a hose line used to connect the truck's systems to a trailer.
  • The exterior features a variety of lights, mud flaps, and other details.

I hope you enjoy the photos of the design and choose to support this project!  Thank you for visiting!

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